hey, welcome to our new blog!

With any change you want to see in the world, you can't just become inspired or aware, you must become ACTIVATED. So that is our goal with this new platform. We desire to activate your passion to end human trafficking by providing you with a community to access and discuss compelling stories, interviews, and real world facts regarding the issue.

Because ultimately, this isn't just about fighting for freedom. This is about PEOPLE freeing PEOPLE. Those in the system of human trafficking are the daughters, sons, sisters and brothers of real families. So it's time to stand up for them like they are within our own. But to do this, we must first connect with the people closest to us with a clear idea of what we are passionate about. In every sphere of society, we have the opportunity to bring light to this darkness in our communities. Whether it's through legislation, fundraising, social media, service, or simple word-of-mouth awareness, we can make a difference in the world. We just need the tools to do so effectively.

So we hope this community will serve as a helpful starting point for that kind of effective communication! We believe that the more educated and equipped we are to discuss the issue, the more the world will begin to understand the issue and take action about it! Plus, your voice matters so much to us! So please feel free to engage with content, meet other freedom fighters, and ultimately bring these conversations to real tables in your community!